Blogsy – The Star App for iPad Blogging

I got into blogging a few years ago when someone on a regional motorcycle forum suggested I start one so everyone can read about the rides that I had. I started out with Blogger as it was the easiest platform for me at that time. Eventually, I decided to switch over to WordPress as I wanted something a little more sophisticated, and the rest as they say, is history!

So there I was happily blogging away on my desktop…yes, I was using my Mac Mini as the main platform for photography and blogging…until I started planning for the first West Malaysia Loop Ride (WMLR). What I really wanted to do was to be able to update the blog as the ride was progressing. A desktop solution would not do. The simple solution was to carry my notebook with me and that worked pretty well.

By the time I did the second WMLR, I was very comfortable blogging with the standard web-based WP-Admin screens. However, I was also exploring the possibility of doing video on the road (ambitious eh?) and decided to bring with me a notebook with Ubuntu installed for zipper video editing. While this worked almost fine for video editing, I did not factor in the fact that some of the places I would end up in did not have internet access! So I had a backlog by the time I got home and rushed to complete the blog.

The third instalment of the WMLR was even more interesting. By this time, I made sure that I had a piece of software installed in my super light and compact notebook so that I can blog without an internet connection. What I did not factor in was that this super light and compact notebook made my photo editing task a real chore…it simply was not zippy enough for that. So…I had an even bigger backlog when I got home and only got the ride report complete three months later!

Obviously, a more versatile and usable platform is required if I was to blog on the go. Enter the new iPad. I was lucky enough to get one as a gift (yeah…I can see green everywhere now) and started my research on what I can do with the iPad in terms of photography and blogging…and I think I have stumbled upon a workable solution…Blogsy!

Blogsy is a very simple to use (and affordable) app on the iPad that gives me access to everything I need to be able to blog confidently on WordPress. I get a WYSIWYG view of the post as I blog, an easy way to embed photos and videos from the usual places (camera roll, Flickr, Picasa, Youtube, WordPress)…and even websites! I simply find the picture I want to use, drag it into the post and its done! I love it!

Blogsy is not perfect though and there are some quirks. However, they are, by far, the most responsive development team that I have had the pleasure to work with…EVER! Lance and his programmers have been listening to each of my questions, working with me to troubleshoot the problems, suggesting solutions and workarounds so that I can do what I need to get done. With their help, I can now start, edit and finish my posts on my iPad, notebook or any other computer easily and seamlessly, with or without an internet connection. I am definitely impressed with this team and am more than happy to stick with Blogsy as my main iPad blogging platform.

Obviously, there are other apps that I am also using to handle the photographs and videos that I use in my blogs…but that is a topic for another post. Stay tuned!


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